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handmade ceramic dishes

About the maker

Leah “lulu” Smith is the founder, designer, and ceramicist behind the brand lulu + smith. Her background in Interior Design has influenced the way she designs, makes and decorates each piece. She strives to design and create objects that are simple and minimal in form with a playful, contemporary twist.


About the process

All pieces are designed and handmade in Avalon Beach, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

A variety of techniques including slip casting and hand and slab building are used to achieve desired forms. Clay bodies are chosen based on colour and texture and may vary between batches and collections. Glazing choices are simple and translucent, with variations in colour, pattern and texture. Each vessel is unique and may differ slightly in size, shape and glaze colour, and may have marks left by the making process. These contribute to the beauty of each unique piece and are not considered imperfections or flaws. 

Leah is influenced by principles of Scandinavian design: functional, simple, minimalist forms and clean lines pared with a light and muted colour palate. She loves creating pieces that are unique and well made to enhance everyday life.

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